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Total Wither Relief


SPH Performance Gear made it to Germany. Thank you Jorg Fasse!!

"Tolles Pad. Ich habe es in der Stärke 1" und Länge 32" bestellt und kann es nur empfehlen. Best thanks to in claire for the perfect winding up.

Great Pad. I got it in the STRENGTH AND LENGTH 1 "32" ordered and can only recommend it. In best thanks to Claire for the perfect winding up."

Jorg Fasse

"I love my new @sphgear saddle pad. Ever since I got it, Nemo has been doing great on listening to leg cues and he is more supple in everything he does now. We even got our fastest time in barrels in over a year. I am so glad I have it, can't wait for the future.

McKenzy Gray

Got my SPH in last night and couldn't wait to try it on my boy today. He rode like a dream and he had a perfect sweat pattern at the end of it. I am so glad I found out about these pads. Will totally spread the word and recommend these pads to anyone who asks!

Victoria Rose Delgau

"I bought your neoprene pad at the show in Waco. I love love love it!! Fits my big horse beautifully! No more saddle roll! My daughter in Ohio just ordered one from you and my other daughter you met with me is buying one too! My student is going to buy one also. Will keep promoting your product because it is the real deal and the comfort is unreal! Thank you so much!"

Cindy Ward

Repping SPH Saddle Pads in the Northern Territory of Australia. This is the barrel length pad which I bought to be an all purpose pad to go under my swinging fender stock saddle. It's my go to saddle pad and I use it on everything...... someone needs to borrow a saddle pad I tell them to grab my funny shaped one, I need to ride someone else's horse in my stock saddle I grab my SPH to go under it. As much as I prefer to buy Australian Made wherever possible I still keep defaulting back to my SPH and recommend them to anyone in the market for a new saddle pad.

Here it is being used under a beautifully made Trails End western saddle on a young horse I started recently with his owner up.

Fiona Bond - Australia