How To Care For The SPH Wool Pads

How to care for and store your SPH Pad:

Equipment:  Rubber or soft bristle brush or Shedding tool to Prevent dirt and hair build-up on the underside of the pad by brushing gently.  Between washing remove hair and dirt, by brushing in a circular motion on dry pad. Wipe the hair off of your SPH pad.  For pads with heavy crusted sweat and dirt, break up these areas with by gently scraping in a downward motion with a shedding comb object being careful not to cut the felt. 

Washing your SPH Pad: Washing is necessary after 50 hours of use or when the pad is beginning to feel hard in the pressure point zones.  If you do need to use soap, Woolite ® or your favorite horse shampoo is recommended.  When washing hang and begin rinsing, as you rinse you will see the dirty water flows outward to all the edges rather than just soaking into the pad. Wash pad from center to outer edges.  Use only enough water to dissolve sweat and dirt so that they will be rinsed away in rinse stage. Then hang over a wash rack or rail and air dry.  DO NOT LAY PAD ON its BACK TO DRY. 

Storing your SPH Saddle pad:

We recommend hanging your pad on a rack or folding and laying it flat on a shelf. Do store inside out.

NEVER place your saddle on top of your pad on a rack for storage! Your 100% Pure Virgin Wool and wool pad needs a chance to dry and breathe in between rides. This simple method of storage will prolong the life of your pad and ensure many years of protection for your horse’s back!

LOL- NO Pressure Washers or Car washes!

This will extend the life of your Wool SPH Saddle pads