About Us

Say the name Kyle Schurig and you’ve spoken of a working horseman who trains reining horses full time.

Reared in New Braunfels, Texas, Schurig began his horse education under the tutelage of the renowned late Walter Chapman, known as “Chappie.” At first 12-year-old Schurig was allowed to walk horses to the hot walker in between his job of painting fences. Chappie dealt a lot in training Arabians. In fact, Chappie is best known for training Casole for the horse’s staring role in the movie “The Black Stallion.” At Chappie’s, Schurig was soon allowed to start riding and within a year showed horses under his boss’s coaching. He did all the divisions of Arabian showing–everything from Park to Western Pleasure. Once on his own, Schurig performed a lot in American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) horsemanship competitions and training clients’ mounts. 


As a horse trainer with 30 plus years experience, he designed this pad to help his clients and their horses.

  • Located now in New Braunfels
  • He designed these pads 20 years ago,tested them on hundreds of horses
  • Have been selling at horse shows, through various equine groups on Facebook and word of mouth.
  • kyle.schurig@gmail.com
  • 512-632-5770
  • Kyle designs saddles too as he tends to prefer a more free swinging stirrup than is found on traditional Western saddles.

    Folks who want a trainer  for  an “a la carte” lesson may do so by setting up an appointment with Schurig. One can spend a half day being coached by him while he trains on his grounds. His phone number is (512) 632-5770.