How To Choose the right size and thickness for your SPH Pad?

Style: Choose a pad style that complements your style of riding and your saddle.  This is a personal preference, if you need assistance, call Claire at 404-936-7717  

Size: Measure the length of your saddle skirt  and choose a pad that will have 1-2” of pad sticking out the front and back. 


1/2” Thick Pad - Great for showing, reining, cutting or pleasure horses when you still need protection but need to put a colorful blanket over the under pad for show purposes.  

3/4” Thick Pad - An excellent all-around saddle pad for those that need a daily exercise training pad and may also need to throw a blanket over it for the show ring.

1" Thick Pad - The best all-around use saddle pad recommended for trail riding, team penning, cutting, reining, and barrel racing.   Our 1" looks 1.25" and is great for ranch work, for roping, performance, colt starting or heading to the mountains with lots of gear.  The SPH 1" Wool pad is ideal for performance, steer stopping,team roping, and calf roping.