Mother-in-Law stole her saddle pad Lol

Hi Kyle and Claire,
Just wanted to post my review of your pad smile emoticon
I can't tell you how happy I am with your SPH pads!
My horses love them as well, I have bought pads ranging from $20 all the way to $470 trying to help with wither and shoulder relief BUT I ended up selling them all!!
I recently went treeless with my horse Gunnar and I needed to find a good pad that could give my horse the wither relief and shoulder room without compromising quality. By the you treeless riders I do not have any problems with this pad sliding/rolling around under my treeless Saddle, my horse no longer hangs his head (due to pads pushing on his wither) nor does his wither become sore after our rides so Gunnar is able to lift his head in comfort now and he has so much room for his big shoulder movement which is really amazing to have a pad that can fix both of these issues that I have been battling for the last few years.
I had my mother-in-law try your SPH pad on her mare..............well let's just say I had to order another pad smile emoticon I am including pics of our horses with your SPH pad.

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