First post- Product Summary

Designed by a horse trainer 15 years Ago, for my clients, to our surprise the demand started growing. We now make them in the USA

A Revolutionary designed Saddle Pads. Totally ergonomic. Conforms to horses back. Great lateral movement. High Leg cut out, great leg contact, Unique wither cut out, fits high withers to mutton withers, no pinching of the shoulders, protects pretty manes,

3/4 " , 30x31, 100% Wool, 1/2" wool. 3/4" and 1/2" Neoprene/Wool Blend

Coming soon 29.5" length, for barrel racers, short backed horses and youth riders


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  • Hi. I ordered a black coupe 30×30 1" pad from you on instagram. I broke my phOne two days ago, and I don’t have a computer right now. It fried. I do have an iPad, however apple doesn’t have an app for instagram on the iPad. You said it would be about 6 weeks, but I want d to let you know you can bill me on PayPal at thanks.

    Savanna Hardekopf

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