Lisanne's Review

So I have been looking at these pads for awhile (Got a friend buy one; she loved it) Chyna  so I bit the bullet and bought one myself and was very excited to try out this new type of pad. Well I tried it and was really on the fence about it; horse was much more forward and I did not feel comfortable in the saddle anymore. So I conversed with Kyle Schurig (he's a saint and I'm sure he thought I was a digbat) and found out that putting a pad under it was NOT the right thing to do. (with my blondness I missed that memo) ??
Well now I'm hear to tell you Kyle was amazing to work with even offering full refund if I was not happy with it. I am keeping the pad; my horse has gone from a 5 mover to an 8 (that was the forward movement I was thinking was him not comfortable) 
Thank you Kyle for helping me and my pony!!
True customer service at its best!! 
Photo is of after an hour ride and as you can see the saddle, cinch, pad did not move!
Oh and NO dry spots; wahoo!!!

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