C & J Ranch's Review

So glad our saddle pads are working for you.

"We believe these are the best pads on the market. Read our reviews on the SPH performance gear Facebook page. Look What Someone said at C & J Ranch:

Contact Claire or Kyle Schurig or visit SPH Performance Gear on FB for more information or to purchase one of these pads.

We purchased a full Wool one for work & a Wool/felt/neoprene one for training. Excited for the new sizes to come out so we can get some different thicknesses of each to ride in depending on the job.

We have noticed the horses moving more freely in the shoulders, more even sweat marks and just have an overall better performance.

For example one of our geldings that is usually pretty lazy about getting down to cut one or sort, he has more pep and is getting down on his belly to cut.

So far we are very pleased with how these pads are functioning. We will definitely put them through the test of durability and function riding in the yard and sale barn.

We are looking forward to trying them out on the show horses to see if their performance improves even more as well.

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