A Game Changer

Another Happy Rider and Happy Horse. Thank-you Nicole Davis For this wonderful review.

“Hi there!! I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I have been with my pads. I’ve ridden them for over 2 months now and can honestly say I’ve never been more happy with any other. I now am able to ride and work my horses with no breast collar if I want, where with other pads my saddles seemed to slide and I would constantly have to readjust. The freedom it allows my horses is unbelievable, there is an obvious difference in my geldings performance when using this pad verses 5star or my best ever. No offense to those companies as they make quality pads, the SPH has just simply out done them. I ride numerous horses with my pads and each have had positive results under my Ammerman and Double J Pozzi. Thank you guys for working with me and providing excellent customer service!! **pictured is Denali in his blue SPH, this pad is a game changer for him as we have dealt with chronic back soreness prior to using SPH**”

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