An Equine Veterinarian's Review

A review from a Equine Veterinarian : Thought I would share my experience with this pad for others "on the fence" on whether or not to try a SPH pad and offer a huge thank you to SPH performance gear for making such a nice quality pad. So far I'm absolutely loving this pad!! So glad I tried it! My super hard to fit, slender built problem child rode beautifully in it! Tried it for first time at a show on my "never been to town" mare. She's one that if fit isn't quite right will kick out or not get under herself like she should. I figured first time out with all the commotion n riders around her would give her amble opportunity to be bad if something was bothering her. She could not have ridden around better! Saddle fit beautifully w this pad n that was even the ranch cutter on the 30" pad (ran out of barrel saddles n she drew the short stick!). She is very narrow so loved the "plushness" of the 1" pad to fill her out. Loved the wither relief since she is so high withered. I'm one to really pull the saddle pad up into the pommel, but by the time you are half warmed up the pad always slips down n is tight over the withers (I ride in good $200 pads so not like comparing apples to oranges here) and I'm not always a fan of pads w the wither cut out since still applying some neck pressure as the pad tightens down. I didn't have to worry about that with this pad! Also I loved how it avoided her mane n that her mane wasn't being rubbed or irritating her withers being stuck underneath the pad. She is very light sided so I do have to worry about the amount of leg/spur I use on her. I ride several different styles of horses n have to have some time of spur. I try to use more calf but harder w other pads. So the one aspect of this pad I didn't think I'd really appreciate as much as the other aspects truly made me see the benefits of the leg cut out for that closer contact feel. I felt my leg and calf especially was able to contact her easier than in other pads where it ended up being more spur with how my leg is more pushed away from her. Overall so far just could not be happier n cannot wait to try on others. I have a pretty consistent mare starting to develop issues and truly feel all saddle fit related. As an equine vet, I've ruled out other lameness issues. I feel my current pad is being too compressed after running hard last season (again expensive, nice quality pad) and causing the saddle to pinch her in her withers and shoulders. Also pursuing different saddles but still believe the pad should still offer more cushion if you will. She will definitely run in this pad (or the 3/4" I now want) next time she goes out without question!! Now I'm just excited to put this pad to the test on multiple backs with multiple different saddles between my fiancé and me and see what type of longevity it'll have! It's also nice knowing you are supporting a company that will give back and supports their customers as well such as with their sponsorships which a good friend has recently acquired! Thanks again so so much. Have to say best Valentine's Day gift my fiancé could have done!!Megan Lustig😀

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