Awesome Review

Loving my @sphgear coupe pad!
I’ve had a lot of people asking for a review so here ya go!
I’ve had a Classic Equine, Showman, & Professionals Choice Pad. None of which provided the support that this pad does! The claim SPH makes is that their pads provide wither relief and leg contact closer than any other pad. I definitely agree with this! The design of the front of the pad provides extra support and helps hold the saddle and prevent wither smothering and pinching. The cut out on both sides allows the fender of my saddle to move more freely and I can use my leg to get my horse to pivot much easier! When running barrels, it allows me to not only use my lower leg better, but allows for closer contact to grip with my upper leg!
100% reccomend!👍🏼👍🏼

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