Brief History of SPH Performance Gear Saddle Pads

This is so exciting to see an open discussion about our SPH Performance Gear Saddle pads.
A brief history behind the SPH performance gear saddle pad. Kyle Schurig, a horse trainer with 30 plus years experience, designed these saddle pads 20 years ago for his training needs. As a trainer, he wanted better leg contact on his horses. Also, other commercial saddle pads irritated him as he was forced to frequently pull them up as they kept slipping down during his training. To his surprise, the SPH Performance Gear saddle pad he designed, not only solved the slippage issues, but the horses had wither relief: no pinching of their shoulders and they seemed to have more lateral freedom. As Schurig's clients started using them, and local riders saw the benefits, Schurig made them on a small scale for personal use.
Over the years the demand of the SPH design started to increase and more riders wanted them. So, last year we started manufacturing our SPH Performance Gear saddle pads. We found a wool and felt manufacturing company in the USA who makes some of the top equine brand saddle pads.
We are overwhelmed with the response and our SPH saddle pads are galloping off the shelves.
Thank-you for all your support, reviews and kind words.
Kyle and Claire

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