Customer for Life

"This pad has been a blessing for this horse who has suffered from a host of wither and back issues.

Customer for life!

Thank you!
CJ and Stetson"
Stetson really came through for me last week at the CO State Fair. We are qualified for the AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Finals in June, won a little $, and really did pretty well considering neither of us have done ranch pleasure, trail, or boxing....EVER in either of our lives.

Look how good this horse looks!!!! As many of you know Stetson has basically been a train wreck on and off for the last year and a half. We finally got it all turned around and he is healthy, sound, acting and looking like he should. Casey Potter

Thanks to everyone that helped me get here, it's been a long road. Jason Perry, thanks for always having my back and pushing me (far) outside my comfort space bubble. Lavert Avent, thanks for your help & patience, I'll get better, I promise. What a great group of customers you have, they were all so supportive!!

Also a big high 5 to BUCKEYE® Nutrition for the quality feeds you provide our program.

Nancy Schmitt Garland here are your pictures!

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