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I am ucky to have found this product. I am BLESSED to have found #SPHSaddlePads 😄 I will never leave home without my SPH saddle pad!! SPH has designed a very unique saddle pad! Why does #TeamMartin love our @sphgear ? I had 5x more contact than a regular saddle pad. I could really feel and connect with my horse! The extra leg contact is going to be great for training young horses about leg pressures! The saddle pad is guaranteed wither relief which results in a GREAT fitting saddle pad that CONTOURS to the horses back! You know us Girls loves everything about contour!😜 How much more lateral movement I got was very impressive! Dash felt loosened up and relaxed, because SPH performance pad gave him the movement he needed to run his very best!! I took my saddle off after our work out, and we had even sweat marks! Go Follow and order from them now, if you want your horse more comfortable under the saddle! It has been used and recommended by Team Martin ❤️ What's under your saddle?🤔

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