No more Soreness

Just wanted to share how the SPH Performance Gear wool saddle pad has helped Bruce and I! I was so excited to try it because it ensures wither relief and I have had such a hard time finding Bruce a pad the doesn't make him sore. Since we began using the SPH saddle pad, Bruce has had absolutely no soreness in his back! I am so happy that we have finally found the perfect saddle pad for him! The video below is the first time I ran Bruce on barrels with the SPH performance gear saddle pad and look at the difference from our past runs 😍 he hadn't even seen the barrels for 4 weeks prior to this run! If you are having troubles finding that perfect saddle pad for you and your horse, I strongly recommend you check out SPH performance gear! You will not regret it! Use the code Olivia15 for 15% off your new SPH saddle pad :)

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