Red Saddle Pads!

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but better late than never haha. Other than fitting my saddle so the D -ring sits on the pad I am absolutely in love with it! My horse feels so much better, he has a better range of motion, I can feel him working so much nicer and more freely. Not only that but my leg has AMAZING contact, which has always been my biggest pet peeve. We've been working in this pad for nearly a month now, worked the barrel pattern slow and correct nothing above a lope and it's totally different!!! I've owned this horse for 12 years have been running him nearly the entire time and this is the best he's felt in a LONG time! Our first race is the 11th and I cannot wait to see how he performs!
It took me almost two years to decide what pad to get and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking! Thank you so much SPH for having these amazing red pads at discount and for shipping this out quickly!!! We LOVE our SPH performance gear saddle pad!

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