SPH performance gear on a working ranch

Yeah! SPH performance gear hits a working ranch and passes a rigorous test!!!

"This is Wayne Mendenhall of rockingbarmtacks daughter! The first video is me on a 3 year and his only second time dragging calves with your blanket he stayed calm and put together the entire time. I had finally gotten to maximize my legs with your blanket. The rest of these pictures are on a horse named snoopy. Snoopy also remained calmer then normal which allowed for and easier pull of the calf to the wrestlers. It was also a lot simpler for him to get me were I needed to be in a roping pen while moving him off of my leg. I switched back to my other pad which is a Trevor Brazile relentless pad and is 2 inches thick, just to see if their was a difference and their was a slight difference in the movement and I was even a bit slower sorting cows off of him. At first I have to be honest I was very skeptical about your product being that is very small and nothing like I've ever used before. All in all I would say these pads are ranch tough and could be used and maintained on whatever your riding. I plan on continuing my use of these saddle pads to get my horse to move off of my leg and free up their shoulders."

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