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Seeing as SPH Gear saddle pads have a few unique features compared to other brands of wool-felt pads, I thought that my experience with them would be beneficial to a potential buyer. I recently purchased a newly-released 3/4” Coupe with 100% virgin white wool and have put 4 good rides in it of varying length & activity. First off, the wool is very soft and light weight to touch. The stitching & embroidery are of excellent quality. SPH Gear claims that the design of the pad enhances wither clearance and improves leg contact. Calypso, in a treeless saddle and Classic Equine ESP pad, would never stretch down her head. This was improved upon in my treed saddle and Tod Slone pad, but still she would only really stretch down on occasion. Within 3 out of 4 rides in my SPH, she has truly relaxed and dropped her head at least once each time, showing me that she has the freedom to relax her head & stretch down through her back. Also, the added cutouts let me really feel my horse. If you ride English or bareback, I can tell you that same “feel” you get of hugging your horse with your legs is very much seen with this pad. I’m not perched on top of my horse anymore. So far, I’ve noticed that either the thickness or design of this pad makes Caly a little happier when being cinched. I can’t say for curtain, as it’s only been 4 rides. I’ve walked/trotted/cantered/galloped in the arena, street, trails, and up/down steep hills with no budging. Overall, find a discount code, and jump the fence if you’re considering ordering a @sphgear saddle pad!

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