Wow! After Surgery...

This just made my morning. Wow!

“After surgery on both knees I've had hard time being comfortable riding. Bought my 1st pad for a new mare that has very high withers to just try. Didn't realize how life changing it would be for me! Can ride comfortably now with no pain in knees. Even my 18 yr old daughter felt the difference that she went and got one for herself!

Ride all mine in it now. You given years back to me in the saddle. Just wanted to say Thank you.

Just had to share how grateful I am. Riding 42 yrs. After last knee redone I couldn't ride more then 20 min and not every day. Hardest thing to sit by and watch. Now back to working horses 5 days a week. Maybe even turn a few barrels this spring again.

Bottom of my heart, more than you know, thank you”

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